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Ford Lincoln Maintenance

Ford Lincoln Maintenance In Logansport, IN

We specialize in repairing Ford and lincoln vehicles because we respect this manufacturer's commitment to providing a reliable product. We have built our entire business around providing our clients with a service they can count on. For years, we have been proudly serving Price, Utah, and the surrounding area, and we hope to continue offering reliable service for years to come.

Serving Logansport, IN

Welcome to the Ford maintenance and service center! Our Ford dealership is not only an excellent place to purchase a new or pre-owned Ford vehicle, but it is also a great place to go for service. We have an excellent crew of Ford experts who are fully certified and have decades of collective experience servicing and maintaining all kinds of Ford vehicles as well as other brands. With this level of skill and talent working on your vehicle, your car is always in good hands whether you are just in for an oil change or a complex repair. And after the work is done, we make sure you are completely satisfied with the job. Thanks to our customer-centric philosophy and our skillful service, the Ford service center is the place to take your Ford for both repairs and scheduled maintenance.

Our Services

Our service center is a full-service location; whatever your car needs, we can do! Our technicians are fully certified and trained to perform any work that your car may need. This includes the commonplace items like changing oil, lightbulbs or transmission fluid as well as complicated transmission, suspension, electrical or engine work. Whatever needs to be done, we can handle. This wide range of expertise allows the same technicians to diagnose problems, repair them and perform regular scheduled tune-ups, often all in one visit. This alone can save you time and money, since you don’t have to go to multiple places and our technicians can synergize to get the work done faster without compromising our high quality standards. Not only can you expect services on your car to be done well at our service center, but quickly as well.

Quality OEM Parts

A big part of making sure that all of our work is high-quality and that you are entirely satisfied with your car is using the best available parts for all repairs. Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are made to match the parts that were installed into your car when it was made at the factory. They are a perfect match for the parts that are being replaced. That means that they fit your car perfectly, don’t damage or cause excess wear on other parts around them and keep your car running just like new. Aftermarket parts can seem like a frugal alternative, but they often lower costs by using inferior materials or are designed to fit more than one make or model in order to benefit from economies of scale. An imperfect fit can put greater wear and tear on other components in your car and lower-quality parts need replacement more often, so this often results in greater costs down the road as well as a poorer driving experience. We always strive to do the best job possible at our Ford service center, which is why we use only OEM replacement parts for our clients’ vehicles. This not only keeps our customers satisfied, but also saves them time and money in the long term.

Your Ford vehicle deserves the highest quality treatment, whether it is in for a routine tune-up or major maintenance. So give your car what it needs and take it to our Ford service center. After just one visit, you will feel confident that your car is in good hands! You can make an appointment via our website or by calling the dealership directly.