Price Promise

AutoFarm Price Promise and Customer Commitment

Although AutoFarm is a newly named group, its owners have taken care of customers for nearly
50 years. We know the Internet has changed the way customers shop for vehicles, but our philosophy
of providing the best prices, best quality vehicles and best service, parts and collision support has not!

The Best Price: Matching the Best Price on a New vehicle is easy, but providing the best value,
quality and best experience is not! AutoFarm's Customer Commitment goes way beyond just the sale of
a vehicle and this is why our ownership's heritage in the automobile business goes back nearly 50 years!

The Best Price, Quality and Value: No two Pre-Owned vehicles are the same, maybe similar,
but not exactly the same. We hand pick our pre-owned vehicles, certify each one and guarantee a clean
vehicle history report. We welcome you to come in and sit down with us and we will show you why you
are getting the best price, quality and value.

So why buy from AutoFarm?

Hassle Free 3 Day/300 Mile vehicle exchange
2 Year Maintenance Program
Certified Pre-Owned Commitment including 4 Month/4,000 Mile Warranty
Courtesy 24/7 Roadside Assistance
Paintless Dent Repair
Windshield Rock Chip Repair
Lifetime Tire Rotations
Courtesy Shuttle and Loaner Cars
Courtesy 48 State Delivery within 1,000 Miles

AutoFarm Customer Commitment
AutoFarm's Customer Commitment - Customers are a privilege to serve. Every team
member will demonstrate an authentic conviction to provide excellent service by
treating the customer with enthusiasm, appreciation and respect. Every interaction
shall leave the customer completely satisfied.

Teammate to Customer Interaction - Teammate to customer communication will be
dedicated to understanding our customer's requirements. We will then tailor our
actions to delivering a personalized customer experience. Every customer will be
completely satisfied without deviation.

Teammate Values to Customer Interaction - All team members adopt the following
principles without deviation.

Customer Dedication - To put the customer first in every action or decision.
Enthusiasm - To act with eagerness and passion while acting with others.
Value Creation - To generate economic benefits by improving the lives of others.
Integrity - To Communicate and act with Truth and Sincerity.
Compliance - To completely adhere to the company's business philosophy and personal conduct standards.
Humility - To act without ego while working with others.
Courage - Having the strength to do what is right.
Accuracy - To understand, give and receive information with clarity and precision.
Curiosity - The Desire to learn about and improve yourself, others and your surroundings.

Teammate Core Purpose to Customer Interaction - The practice of constantly seeking
to improve our interaction with customers.